SQL Agent Job Discovery in SCOM is empty

When implementing the SQL management pack the “SQL Agent Job state” is empty. Therefore there is no overview which jobs have ran successfully or have failed.

The SQL Server Management Pack includes an option to discover and monitor SQL Server Agent Jobs for SQL 2005/2008/2012.  The Discovery for this is disabled by default.

To use an override to change the setting for automatic discovery
1. In the Authoring pane, expand Management Pack Objects, and then click Object Discoveries.
2. On the Operations Manager toolbar, click Scope, and then filter the objects that appear in the details pane to include only SQL Server objects.
3. In the Operations Manager toolbar, use the Scope button to filter the list of objects, and then click SQL Server Agent Job.
4. On the Operations Manager toolbar, click Overrides, click Override the Object Discovery, and then click For all objects of class: SQL 20xx Agent

5. In the Override Properties dialog box, click the Override box for the Enabled parameter.
6. Under Management Pack, click New to create an unsealed version of the management pack or use an existing one, and then click OK, or select an unsealed management pack that you previously created in which to save this override. As a best practice, you should not save overrides to the Default Management Pack.

After you change the override setting, the object type is automatically discovered and appears in the Monitoring pane under SQL Server.

NOTE: The script runs every 14400 seconds so it can take up to 4 hours before the discovery takes place. You can shorten this by changing the discovery interval to for example 120 seconds. Don’t forget to change it back to default.

After the discovery the SQL Agent Job State