Configure the ONTAP/Netapp Management pack with SCOM

ApplianceWatch PRO is a free management pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 R2 that enables you to discover, monitor, and generate reports for your storage systems running Data ONTAP.

This application has to be installed on a management server, if possible, avoid installing it on the root management server.

Lets start:
Prior to execute the setup I have each of the controller discovered as SNMP device using the SNMP discovery wizard in SCOM. They appear under “Network Devices” in SCOM.

Step 1: Discovering the NetApp Network devices
1. Login to the SCOM console, go to Administration, Configure Computers and devices to manage
2. Choose Network Devices

3. Specify the IP address information of the NetApp device (start and end range) and choose the community string (we used public), Next

4. Select the devices, choose next and finish.
5. Check if the devices are discovered and displayed in the network devices settings under Administration

Step 2: Configuring the NetApp Management pack
1. Download and Execute the OnCommand-PlugIn-Microsoft_3.1_x64_NetApp.exe, Next

2. We are only going to monitor the Storage and do not have Hyper-V or an Metro Cluster. Therefore we only select Storage Monitoring, click Next

3. OnCommand Plug-In 3.1 installs a Web Service which needs a local administrator account.
Create a new or select an existing account, Note that is account needs to be in the Local Admin group and click Next

4. Check Install and Finish, after the installation check if the installation was successful.

The installation installs the Management packs automatically:

5. Next got to Authoring, Rules, change the scope to Management Server, search for Data Ontap: Discovery RuleRight click, OverridesOverride the Rule, For all objects of class Management Server

6. Select the rule and change the Override value to True, click apply, OK

6. Go to monitoring, Data ONTAP, Storage Systems, Management Server and click in the actions pane on Data ONTAP: manage Controller Credentials

7. Insert the credentials

Note: If the Data ONTAP Manage Controller Credentials fails with the following error:

You can run “C:\Program Files\NetApp\OnCommand\MS_Plugin\OC.OM.Management.Controller.Credentials.exe”

7. Finally you get a green check mark if the authentication went successfully

8. Go to the task pane and run the Data ONTAP: Run Discovery Task
If the permission for the task are set properly your task will end successfully. Short after all the NetApp objects will be discovered

After a successful installation you will get several views as you can see in the monitoring pane
Dashboard view

Diagram Overview

The NetApp Management Pack also deploys several reports.