Alerts from the HP management pack

Regarding my blog post on HP monitoring I get a lot of questions on errors which are generated by the HP management pack / SNMP hardware logs; these errors are displayed in the Computer State not in the Active Alerts.

The description is very poor but it suggests that there are issues in the HP Hardware logs.

Context: Date and Time: 11/11/2011 10:20:52 AM Property Name Property Value Processors_SNMP.HealthState HealthSuccess Cooling_SNMP. HealthState HealthSuccess RealtimeMonitors_SNMP.HealthState HealthSuccess TemperatureSensors_ SNMP.HealthState HealthSuccess Logs_SNMP.HealthState HealthError

Logs_SNMP.FailedComponent Integrated Management Log Server Others_SNMP.HealthState HealthSuccess Health explorer

The cause is in the computer’s local HP log which is in a bad state and has errors which are not resolved (cleared or fixed). Therefore it will stay in bad state.

The solution is most of the time very simple. Clearing the HP log on the local server and resetting the OpsMgr heath state will solve the issue. You can do this in the HP homepage on the local computer which is causing the issue.