Enable/Integrate MSDN subscriptions in your Azure EA subscription

When you have an Enterprise Agreement in combination with one or more MSDN accounts you can consider to apply the MSDN Azure benefits in combination with the Enterprise Agreement.
When you link the MSDN subscriptions into an EA (organizational) account you have the following advantages:

  • Create Subscriptions flagged as MSDN subscriptions – In this case the charges for the subscription would accrue against the pool of Azure MSDN credits and then any overages would be billed against the EA billing as usual. The EA admin should have the ability to prioritize the Subscriptions or VMs (or other services) for the application of these credits. For items at the same priority, they would be applied proportionately to the usage amounts for all the items at that priority level.
  • Allow the usage of MSDN VM Images in the Gallery for ANY (specifically EA) subscriptions the user has admin rights to. Many times, an EA subscription you will have some production and some development VMs in the same Network. As an EA admin, you should have the option to deploy VMs using the MSDN images for your developers.