Office 2013 deployment with SCCM 2012 SP1 (Beta)

Just another tutorial on how to deploy Office 2013 using Configuration Manager 2012 SP1.

Extracting the Office installation and customizing the installation
First I started to get the Office 2013 software from the MSDN site and extracted it into my demo lab share file.
1. In my case it was on \\demo-sccm01\Sources\Software\Office\Office 2013 Pro NL x64.

Second step is to customize the Office 2013 installation using the “Office Customization Tool”;
2. Go to a DOS prompt, go the Office 2013 folder and run setup.exe /admin
If the setup /admin runs well go to step 3, otherwise go to step 2.1
2.1 – Optional
If you run the setup.exe /admin you can receive the following error:

Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found. Run Setup from the installation point of a qualifying product.

To solve this issue, click HERE and extract the admin files in the root of the Office 2013 directory.

3. Choose Ok to create a new Setup Customization file

4. On Default File Types, I selected Office Open XML formats

5. On the Licensing and user interface check the I Accept terms and choose Display Level – none

6. Customize the further installation of Office 2013 to you’re needs.
7. Save it where the setup.exe is located. I used the name Office2013NLD_x64_Custom.msp

Next step is do deploy Office 2013 to the SCCM 2012 SP1 environment
1. Open the Configuration Manager 2012 console, Software Library, Application Management, right-click Applications
2. Create an folder named Office and a subfolder called Office 2013
3. Right Click Create application

4. Browse to proplusww.msi (location where you extract the Office, subfolder proplusrww) and click Next
5. On view imported information, click next
6. On the General information, make adjustments/notes and click next

7. Summary, click Next and choose Close
8. Select the Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 application, and select the Deployment Type tab, click Properties
9. In the Deployment Type properties, of the Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 application, go to content tab and change the Content location from “\\demo-sccm01\Sources\Software\Office\Office 2013 Pro NL x64\proplusr.ww” to “\\demo-sccm01\Sources\Software\Office\Office 2013 Pro NL x64”
10. Go to programs tab, Installation program, type setup.exe /adminfile Office2013NLD_x64_Custom.msp

11. If necessary you can go to the requirements section and add requirements like
– 1 gigahertz (Ghz) or faster
– 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32 bit);
– 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64 bit)

12. Select the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 x64 – NLD, change to Home tab and click Properties

13. Select “Allow this application to be installed form the install application task sequence action without being deployed”; this is necessary if you want to use it during the Operating System Deployment.

14. Select the Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 application and click Distribute Content

15. On the General, Click Next
16. On Content, click Next
17. On Content Destination, add the Distribution Point and click Next
18. Summary, click Next and choose Close
19. Right click on the Office App and choose Deploy, select All systems as collection (because we use it as an OSD deployment.

20. Just click next until completion, if you want to make adjustments it’s possible.
21. On the client force the machine policy retrieval

22. Open the Software Center, select Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 x64 NLD and click Install and the installation will start. After a minute of ten the installation is completed.
23. To check the deployment on the server, open the ConfigMgr console, go to monitoring, Deployments.
24. Select Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 and confirm the completion statistics